Women in History or Immigration

Donna Gabaccia talks about the disparity in the development from women’s history in comparison to immigration history from its divergence in filiopietism and the grouping of communities in the developments of women’s history. In writings from Janet Nolan looks to the influence of women as immigrants and effects on the transatlantic history of the Irish. Their numbers in this venture make them a more noticeable in the changes their group represents and the outlier in the proportion compared to other immigrant groups and periods. This could be the changes to education and welfare. Both writers pick up elements of family in the development of identity and family. This can be seen in the money they send back or the interpretation of women’s roles within a family unit. This argument circles around the ideas of a patriarchy and the self-sacrifice of family. Women’s history is constantly evolving the interpretations are being shaped and illuminated by the stances and interests of the parties leading the search much like the way “voices” change in relation to how they see them selves.

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