Talks on Immigration

The discussion on immigration has evolved but impart it is only looking at different periods and the reactions these movements cause in those in the communities they join and those coming to join them. The original people that traversed the seas to come here with the mindset of emigration over immigration but once it began to be established with its own sense of identity the idea of why people where coming. This goes into the idea of national identity and “The Invention of Ethnicity in the United States.” The essay mentioned goes into how this creates alienation and a rejection of Americanization and because of this some people rejected these as a threat to the “Republic.” This lead to legislation that can be studied in the rejection surrounding of certain groups of immigrants and also limitation in the laws around the turn of the 20th century. Studies branched off into the specifics such as race and even gender. All of these elements shape the total image of the history of immigration in the United States but do not address as much to the outside reasons people need to leave their country outside of war, economic shift, and famine. The current state of immigrants both legal and illegal is able to be better understood because of the historiography surrounding the topic.

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