Hypen nation and Dualism in Identity

A dualism of ethnicity or a sentiment of identifying where one comes from and celebrating it but this development in reference to antimodernism. This does not outshine the sentiment of being an American such as when Kennedy said “What the hell do I have to do to be called an American?” This idea of being an American also made some of those are wanting to be separated not by what they look like “white” but taking a separate identity of their ethnic background while not being bullied for it. “A certain tribalism has been antimodernism’s chosen idiom” overlaps greatly with this sentiment of wanting to be identified by where they came from as to those that created a reason to be blamed. This is in controversy of not being part of a group as the crimes because they alienate those trying to belong. The being part of the whole while being forced to stand out in separate groups, is a large part of the focus of the reading Hyphen Nation. This falls into much of the blame on crimes that are part of a political history but also on the rejection of the new that come in.

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