Historians and the Past

As historians we are looking to the past constantly, but how can we see its truth? Historians face many struggles to find what happened through bias of sources, or even a bias we hold and cannot seem to overcome, but these events or theories are what shape public identity. If you take away an event that shapes social memory and identity is it more of a historical or philosophic victory. Errors, lies, and bias are many and numerous when looking at documents throughout history whether it’s a misunderstanding of an event or taking something they know and adapting it to fit what the society can use to fuel its politics or identity. Historians might be guilty of something similar using some part of the past and likening it to what the theory. How can we find the truth in the past and in resources surrounding it without being bombarded as though drinking from a fire hose? As students focusing on history we can only practice and look to people with more experience but understanding is something we are always trying to reach whether looking through primary sources that shape the metahistory of your topic or looking to secondary sources and experts to wade through what else can we do but practice?

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