Deportation and National Insecurities

Governmental policy and change such as customs and deportations have been evolving even those such as the Republican Party are swinging to expand limitation on immigration even though cheap immigrant labor had been a major element in the support of business backing and support for the parties. This book looks at historical reasons for the policies the United States. Race or lack of whiteness was large consideration for one of these blocks but also gender was a major limitation. The race was not such a major factor in later deportation as ideologies that events like the Red Scare bring about political and social stressors like the women Emma Goldman and Claudia Jones who publicly stand against political and economic policies. Discussion surrounding the prevention removal or return of immigrants and the reactions some have under the potential threat of deportation process is a large part of the discussion surrounding her topic. Variation such as voluntary repatriations and forced migration were part of this reaction and process of relocating. This reading goes into the government and legal sides including advocacy and agencies such as Immigration and Naturalization Services. She specifically addresses historiographical context bringing in familiar authors such as Vicoli and Handlin but also others such as Gutmann and Higham.

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