As students of history we are taught that the past is formative.  Many variables lead up to events and decisions we can examine as major or minor events of an era or society. Just as the past shapes the world, it helps shape choices such as majors and jobs. Three elements that lead to my choice to be a history major and those three elements are my family, my experiences, and my interests. These elements help shape my decisions about the tumor.

My family is a major part of my past that help shaped my choice of history as a major. My mother and uncle had an interest in the subject sparked by my grandfather who loved to visit battle fields and historic sites. He was able to pass those interests on to my mother who then took me around to the sites here and on vacations. My uncle took an interest in my family’s lineage and traced it back for centuries on both his and his wife’s sides. My father also traced the lineage on his side and went back to the 1800’s when one of my ancestors bought their emancipation and made their way to the colonies. My interest in history was shaped by the information given by my family and the places we have visited with my family and school.

Some of these experiences that shaped my choices come from the education in my family. Three of the four children in my family have learning disabilities making some subjects harder than others. The one subject we all seemed to excel at was history. It was something we could all talk about and enjoy maybe because of our parents influence from a younger age. As our education grew our learning disabilities became more problematic with writing causing great issue among my brother and later myself. We had to receive accommodation and fight for help. In this found that some teachers had their own difficulty and were willing to accommodate if it was something they were capable to give it. This made me want to become a teacher to help those that struggle as I had, but made me examine my interest to pick a direction to focus on in my studies.

My interest are vast and varied which is part of the influence that lead me to choose history. I have interests in happenings all over the globe and spanning many physical and philosophical topics. The interactions of the topics and influence they create is the why history ended up as a major construct to these interests and helped to focus my studies in the major while remaining eclectic.

The elements that make up my present and past are all overlapped to form me. These journeys, environments, and choices all form the influences that affected the choices I made  upon joining college and choices that will influence my career choices